"Not your Grandpa's Minyan" - Every Monday and Thursday at 9:30 a.m., a Shacharit (Morning) service is held in the sanctuary. This is an hour long service, infused with a great sense of spirituality and offering opportunities for learning and discussion. Our Minyan offers comfort for those who mourn and an opportunity to express gratitude for those who are celebrating life.

Sponsor an Oneg Shabbat or Minyan

We are always joyful at the generosity of our sponsors for our Oneg Shabbat that are after Sabbath services on Friday evenings.

Temple Judea will arrange your dessert Oneg and beverages; no special arrangements need to be made. Your sponsorship will be listed in the Shabbat Bulletin.

You may also sponsor our Morning Minyan.

To sponsor a Oneg Shabbat or Minyan please call the Temple Office at 561-624-4976

5776 Year in Review

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